Beginning Clawhammer Banjo Online Lesson Series



Beginning Clawhammer Banjo Series: $25/month 


That rhythmic, signature "bum-ditty" sound is like no other. Maybe you heard it on the radio or at a show, it immediately pulling you in, and now you would like to learn how to play. Maybe you've been trying to master the technique with random Youtube videos and just can't quite figure it out. Or maybe you had a few lessons a several years ago and need a brush up. 

You are in the right place.

Try risk free for a week.
If you feel like the course is not right for you, I'll refund your payment.

On your time. At your pace. 

In this online video streaming course, we'll start with mastering the bum-ditty rhythm pattern, then explore left-hand techniques, tunes, alternate tunings, and even and introduction to singing with the banjo.

For just $25/ month (half the price of a private lesson), you will have continuous access to all instructional videos plus additional resources that will guide you through the essential elements of this style. 

There are no restrictions - you can cancel at any time. 

Why my program is unique:

Many online programs' primary focus is on teaching tunes. Sure, you'll have a full booklet of material, but many people come to me with this material unable to actually play it. They might robotically make their way through the tune, but the musicality is not there.

My focus for this course is less on loading you up with repertoire and more on giving you the confidence to play what YOU WANT to learn because you will have skills and understanding of how to play clawhammer banjo.

The tunes I do introduce are taught because I feel like they exemplify a certain technique I want you to master. 


Lesson 1: Right Hand Essentials

Lesson 2: Single Notes

Lesson 3: Your first tune and chord

Lesson 4: G tuning chords

Lesson 5: Boil Them Cabbage Down

Lesson 6: Hammer Ons, Pull-Offs, and Slides

Lesson 7: Cripple Creek

Lesson 8: I'll Fly Away

Lesson 9: Intro to Singing with the Banjo

Lesson 10: Modal Tuning 

Lesson 11: Intro to Improvisation with the Banjo

Lesson 12: Old Joe Clark

Lesson 13: Double C tuning

Lesson 14: Soldier's Joy

Lesson 15: Intro to drop-thumbing